Move on in life to live it to the fullest – Let it go!

Move on in life to live it to the fullest – Let it go!

by Veena Sethuraman

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I am sure, all of us would have been either on the giving or receiving end at least once for the advice “Let it go!”. And we know it’s easier said than done.

In a life full of ecstasies and quirks, What is it that we want to let go?

The below poem is an attempt to explore this eternal question…

Similarly, I would invite all of you to journal/put down your thoughts in your own words, of what it is that you want to let go of.

While in certain contexts, letting go of something could be a lifelong journey, this could be the first step towards that journey.

Let it go!

A traumatic past,

An unfulfilled wish,

A deep fear,

A hurtful moment,

A broken heart.

Let it go!

A twisted turn,

A peak emotion,

A missed hug,

A never expressed yet ever desired love….

Let it go!

A living nightmare,

A shallow moment,

A one-time mistake,

A lifetime of guilt…

Let it go!

Once a blessing, now a curse,

An unanswered question,

A useless feeling,

A crushed dream….

Let it go!

A wounded soul,

An undeserved punishment,

A vulnerable phase,

A long lost love….

Let it go!

Letting it go…

All that limits me.

Letting it go…

All that makes me incomplete.

To embrace the phoenix in me.

To live a life in the wildness

To dance in the fire

To shout out unapologetically

“Dear life…Bring it on!”

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5 Comments on "Move on in life to live it to the fullest – Let it go!"

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Sonal Kothari

Loved the simplicity of the words that bring alive the deeper feelings – the invitation speaks to me! Shall be sharing this with others :)! xoxo @ Veena

chandana shashikumar
chandana shashikumar

Loved the poem. Holding on to the traumatic past eventually creates a comfort zone where self pity manifests… letting go of whatever may be my reason to stay in this comfort zone is the key to live in the here and now

Amit Phillips
Amit Phillips

Holding on to it for so long that it has become a small part of me… Letting it go takes away a bit of me

Sridhar Rao

Amit, interesting reaction. But once you are determined to let it go, the change could be enormous!

Amit Phillips
Amit Phillips

Boss some times I pull it out and it speaks words of wisdom to me ..