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  • The other side of the grass is always greener! Old saying, but so appropriate when it comes to the debate of doing a paid job versus doing your own business. Here’s an interesting article that spells out the typical misconceptions employed people have about becoming entrepreneurs.

  • Will people continue to buy vehicles or will autonomous(driverless) vehicles lead to new models of transportation where hiring cars becomes the norm? With city roads getting crowded beyond comprehension, it is clear that public transportation needs to be reinvented. If personalisation is still a need, then autonomous cabs could be a reality; the only way to reduce the number of vehicles on our roads. Uber and others have shown the convenience of ordering cabs. So we might just be ordering driverless cabs in future! Here’s an interesting article on autonomous vehicles.

  • When the definition of truth changes from the absolute truth to other interpretations, such truth is called Post Truth. Post Truth is the interpretation of truth based on emotions and opinions of individuals and groups. Post Truth has always existed, but its impact on the world is now more visible. This video by explains this concept.

  • Entrepreneurs and Business Managers often get carried away by their social media presence and lose focus on the purpose of the presence on the media. Personal comments, Political comments, Negative posts about others etc affect the brand image & customer confidence in the maturity of the management.

  • With social media , global communication connectivity has gone up multifold. While it’s exciting and can do wonders, there is also the effect on people’s behaviour at work and in life. For example, the obsessive need to keep posting and checking the latest posts of others, brings with it, the inability to stay focussed on the work on hand. Is this addiction building up a culture of inefficiency and incompetence?

  • Any amount of focus on customer needs is not enough. Designing by starting with the real needs of customers is the best way to make successful products. Needs, which often, even the customer is not aware of! Hence the imperative to stay glued to Customer Habits, Demands and Experiences.

  • Healthcare industry has come a long way; but has an even longer way to go. Unless we are able to reach quality and timely healthcare at affordable cost, to every citizen of the earth, we have not done our duty. A great space for startups to plunge into.

  • Reading, a habit we are fast losing out on due to our fixation with the visual media, is so critical for our continuing personal growth. Here’s an article that talks about the 5 hours per week habit of some very successful people. A habit worth emulating.

  • With vehicles choking city roads and our lungs, what will it take for planners and citizens to turn the clock back? We have forgotten the simple pleasure of riding a bicycle or just walking on an open pavement!
    Here’s a view point on making roads bicycle friendly.

  • With more and more being said in less and less words on Social Media, are the new generation not building a grip over expressive communication? Here’s a teenager’s blog on why teenagers should blog.


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