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  • Our fixed mindsets and closed minds are our biggest enemies. An open mind, with a willingness to try a different approach, is the only way to move ahead. An article giving some tips for startups.

  • Sexual Abuse happens every 98 seconds in the United States, says this article, explaining its impact on the mental health of the victim and the strong tendency to resort to substance abuse as an escape. Read what’s PTSD and how one can manage to overcome it.

  • The essentials of the 8 fold Yoga practice that bring personal discipline into daily life.

  • Meditation raises I.Q. says NeuroScience research. At least now the world should wake up to the importance of teaching meditation at schools and workplaces. It could help improve productivity and efficiencies!

  • Being busy in their focus areas, entrepreneurs tend to ignore or postpone looking at other essentials that could help in building better businesses. Here’s an article introducing Data Science and its advantages; for both the end user businesses and potential data science startups.

  • We often can’t choose our bosses, but we can certainly evaluate them once we work with them; and, we have the choice of continuing or moving on. If you are stressed out at work and you feel, that mostly, it is thanks to the charming but egoistic boss you have to deal with, then do check out what this article has to say about psychopaths.

  • Focus or lack of it define the level of success one attains in any sphere and definitely as an Entrepreneur. Here’s an article explaining 11 important ways to keep focus and achieve results.

  • Satya Nadella’s story is of a typical Indian kid- average performer in the Indian system of education; goes to the US and eventually excels in his career. Here’s an inspiring article about what drove him in life.

  • Fintech in India is still at an early stage. Businesses are still in the discovery stage, finding out what the best opportunities are. We can call it a Fintech “boom” in India only when the average citizen is genuinely using at least one or two services. For this, effective market penetration into mass market segments with relevant products will be key. Here’s an interesting article titled “What’s driving India’s Fintech boom?”

  • Disruption of the existing methods in the market by a startup is mostly seen as a threat to existing players. Here’s an instance where Airbnb has actually helped grow the market in the hotel industry without affecting the business of existing players. A case of market evolution and growth as a result of a new business model.


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